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Bedroom view

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My rather delightful Mum helping with the build and are rather wacky looking jungle wall.

Bathroom beginnings

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This is the bathroom being prepped for tanking.  I really would advise tanking the whole room when putting a bathroom in a wooden house, steam and water can get through the tinniest of cracks.

We opted for a wetroom and a long drop compost toilet (one advantage to the trailer being so tall)

A very Arbor House kitchen

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Arbor House got to work on the the kitchen, and what an amazing kitchen it is.  The kitchen top was found by our mate Mitch outside of an educational institute ready to be skipped.  The guys biscuit jointed it together and sanded it beautifully.  The kitchen may be small but with shelving and clever use of cupboards we think it will suit two of us just fine.



Windows and doors

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With the windows in and the outside almost complete is was time to paint and seal up the windows and door



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Its so very nice that you have still be visiting the blog although I haven’t posted anything on here in a long time.  I am glad to say that it is not because the project itself stopped but infact is because it took a lot of work to finish it, move it, and then relocate.  But as I write this I am sat in our little house, the birds are tweeting, the cat is snoring and we are both very happy.  Not one to disappoint I will post up the rest of the images of the build before jumping to the house finished, enjoy. x

House Tour

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This lovely video was made by Becky Bell as a lovely treat.  Most people that have seen pictures of the house and then have been down on site have said they were surprised by its size, so may be this will help.

On another note we have only gone quite due to being so busy trying to get the house finished but we have been documenting the progress and will put up some photos soon.

Climbing steps

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Climbing steps

Theo from Arborhouse started the stairs which are looking fantasmo

The bookcase

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The bookcase

Beautifully crafted by mon at Arborhouse. This is going to be popped by the front door