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The next idea

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The next idea

This was starting to look more how we wanted it and spurred us on big time!


The flip down porch possibility

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The flip down porch possibility

This was something we were well keen on for quite some time, but it would need some fairly hefty hinges!

The first ever sketch

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The first ever sketch

This was based on a caravn touring trailer, which we soon found out would be far too flimsy to hold up what we needed

Where to start…

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Hmmmm so how would we start this off?

Lots of doodling is how!

As you can see went from many different sketches and designs for which there is but a few here, as it changed quite regularly the more we found out

Theo and the Arbor House

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A bit more about Theo

Theo is not some mad fool, or angel sent from Eco Heaven.  He is in fact one part of the Arbor House duo.  A very talented carpentry business that specialises in all that is ethical and environmental.

He has built houses into soil and onto water, but never on wheels.

This project would be as much ours, as it is his.  A show home, if you like, for what can be achieved.  Having a whole different set of problems to deal with.  It has to be  movable and weighted evenly, something that is never considered when being built on soil and much lighter than what can go into a boat.  It also has to be cheap but made of material that can withstand the English weather.

I can’t help but keep thinking about Scrapheap Challenge.

February 2013 – Will Bob agree?

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Becky called…. “Basically I have spoken to Theo and he said he will build you a house, on wheels, at cost”

It made me immediately think of her lovely boat they both converted and moved into full time.

The interior of the boat
The interior of the boat

How could I not want that?  Could we raise the money in time?  Where would we put it?  Could we live in a small space together?  Would the cat (Kai) like it?

I knew all these questions could be answered positively and problems solved.

The big looming question though was Will Bob Agree?