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Both me and Bob have spent time in Platt Fields Park volunteering for the amazing Envirolution over the last few years.  The park entrance is right near studentville in Fallowfield and every summer when the students leave the landlords gut the houses, emptying its contents into an array of skips dotted around the narrow streets.  We along with Matt, Mitch and Dawn love a good tat and have always had our heads in them seeing if there is anything of interest.  So when we put a call out mid June for windows we got an amazing response from our Manchester buddies, in fact we got so many texts of ‘Skip on Platt Lane, nice lead window in’ that we felt like we had our own tatting hotline.  So what with Fallowfield skips, Mark Everythings yard, a donation from a work colleagues garage and our beady eyed friends and Arbor House on the look out we have managed to kit out the house completly with salvaged windows.  This floor to ceiling beauty is going to be great first thing in the morning when pointed East.



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