Thank you and some questions answered

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Thank you so much for the response.
This is all new to us both so please be patient with us!
We have received a few questions from friends and family, which shows our explanation has not been too clear.

So firstly the houses main ethos is that it is off grid. This means Solar Panels are our form of electricity, a wood burning stove offers heat, gas bottles provide cooking energy, and a compost toilet takes care of not being plumbed in. All we are missing is a water source, eventually one day we would like to use water collection and re-directing from a stream filtered for safe drinking water, but at present we will need a tap to fill up our water storage unit.

The house has been built on the hay bailing trailer, and there it will stay. It has been built to a height so it can be put on the back of a low bearing lorry to be moved long distances (hence no upstairs bedroom as first planned) and can be pulled by a tractor for shorter journeys. Some tiny homes can be pulled by cars but the length and weight has meant this is not possible for us, but the weight and strength of the trailers has insured the house will have longevity.

I suppose the main question we get asked is where are we going to put it? This is probably the most stressful questions because as yet we don’t. We have options but nothing quite set in stone.

For all of you who know us and have heard us banging on about this project we ask you to please help us keep some anonymity to its eventual location. We really wanted to share our experience of building this with you all, but with planning permission being a slightly grey area we would like to approach the local council about it without them already knowing about it. For those of you who know about the Hobbit House in Pembrokeshire that is currently trying to acquire planning permission, I recently meet one of the council planners and she informed me they found out about the house from a video that went viral where the owner had said they had lied to the council and ‘just not bothered to get planning permission.’ Not a great way to start, I’m sure you will agree.

Anyhow we are having a weekend off this weekend, but Arbour House have been squirrelling away and I look forward to showing you how much they have managed to get done next week.


One thought on “Thank you and some questions answered

    Lynda Froud said:
    November 9, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    Following your project with great interest,it’s really exciting. Good luck with the location.

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